New high school to open on West Side



EVANSVILLE, Ind. — The Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation made a surprising announcement at last night’s school board meeting. By a 4-3 vote, the EVSC has decided to add a second high school for the West Side of Evansville.

The new school, to be named Byers High School, will be built on land not yet currently owned by the corporation near USI and will most likely open in the fall of 2016. Construction could start as early as this fall.

“This is a great day for Evansville and the West Side,” according to EVSC attorney Matt Shoulders. “While the West Side didn’t necessarily need another high school, we foresee much growth in this part of town in the next few years. Naming it after one of the West Side’s most loved figures [Herman Byers] was a no-brainer.”

How the new Byers High School will affect F.J. Reitz and the EVSC district boundaries has yet to be discussed, but more importantly, how this will affect Reitz football is very much up in the air.

“This is certainly news to me,” admitted Panther head coach Andy Hape. “Will they play at Reitz Bowl? Should we play them instead of Mater Dei for the Nut Club trophy? Which of our kids will wind up at which school?”

Also there has been a lot of speculation that Tony Lewis, the former Reitz head coach, will return to the West Side to lead Byers.

These are questions that cannot be answered, at least for the time being. All that is known is that things are going to be getting very interesting on the West Side here in the next few years.

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  1. Is this an April Fool’s joke???? There is only ONE west side high school in Evansville and that’s REITZ

  2. First: this article in No Joke!! Second: that “other” west side high school just posted on their FB page that there will soon be THREE west side high schools, not only ONE as some seem to think. 🙂

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