This Day in #ReitzFootball History (Nov. 27)


Celebrate the history of Reitz Football with some awesome shirts! Get a free gift when you purchase any shirt. Hurry, they’re on sale for a limited time only! proudly presents “This Day in #ReitzFootball History,” as we look back through almost 100 years of The Mighty Panthers.

On November 27:

  • Overall: 3-1 (4 games)
  • The Panthers have never played at Reitz Bowl on this date
  • At Boonville (1919): 1-0
  • At Bosse Field (1942): 1-0
  • At Enlow Field (1924, 1930): 1-1
  • On Thursday (1919, 1924, 1930): 2-1
  • On Friday (1942): 1-0
  • Reitz has never played a Saturday game on this date

Note: every game Thursday game played on Nov. 27 has been on Thanksgiving

1919: Reitz 26, Boonville 2nds 0

The Francis Joseph Reitz team returned from Boonville last night with a 26 to 0 game to their credit against the Boonville high second team. They appeared in the curtain raiser for the Boonville Petersburg game which was by Boonville 10 to 6.

In only the third quarter did the locals fail to cross the Boonville line. Terrell, who made a forty-yard run in the second quarter, pulled the spectacular bit of the game. Reed made the first touchdown. Wood and Hooker crossed the line in the fourth quarter. Hooker kicked two goals in four chances.

The F.J.R. team lined up as follows: Sutton, le; Opperman lt; Dale, lg; Dillard, c; Fisher, rg; Lindle, rt; Lynch, re; Hooker, qb; Wood, fb; Reed, lf; Terrell, rh.

The field was heavy and big pools of water stood in many places. On most of the downs the water was splashed high as the the men hit the field.”

– Evansville Courier, Nov. 28, 1919

1924: Bosse 22, Reitz 13 (Tiny Ten Conference game)

“Bosse high school’s year-old football squad stepped out of its swaddling clothes yesterday, put on man-sized togs and trimmed the full grown Reitz Hi Slykerites in the Turkdy Day game just as easily as did the Brown and Gold walk with the Kirklin outfit [Central won their game that day, 40-0].”

Schaefer and Thayer scored for the Panthers.

– Evansville Journal, Nov. 28, 1924

1930: Reitz 21, Bosse 7 (Tiny Ten Conference game)

Reitz high school’s powerful Panthers captured their second Tiny Ten Conference championship in four years when they smashed their way to a 21 to 7 victory over a scrappy Bosse Bulldog in Enlow Stadium Thursday.

A crowd of 4500 braved the chilly weather to watch Elmo Weber‘s sturdy lads score their second victory over Bosse in history and complete the best season Reitz has ever experienced.”

Lyon, Schoettlin and Charley Brunson scored for the Panthers.

– Evansville Press, Nov. 29, 1930

1942: Reitz 34, Bosse 6 (SIAC game)

“Reitz High School’s West Side Panthers wound up a very successful football season Friday afternoon by administering a stinging 34-to-6 defeat over Phil Bevarly’s hapless Bosse Bulldogs, the victory giving Reitz second place to the champion Memorial Tigers in city gridiron scrambling.”

Merville Ray, who would be voted all-state quarterback,  led the Panthers with 12 carries for 91 yards and a touchdown.

 – Evansville Press, Nov. 28, 1942

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This Day in #ReitzFootball History (Nov. 26): Panthers upset 1931 Bulldogs to temporarily win share of city title proudly presents “This Day in #ReitzFootball History,” as we look back through almost 100 years of The Mighty Panthers.

On November 26:

  • Overall: 3-2 (5 games)
  • At Reitz Bowl (1925, 1931, 1953, 1959): 3-1
  • At Enlow Field (1936): 0-1
  • Reitz has never played a Friday or Saturday game on Nov. 25

Note: every game in Reitz Football history played on Nov. 26 has been on a Thursday and on Thanksgiving

1925: Bosse 21, Reitz 0 (Tiny Ten Conference game on Thanksgiving Day)

1931: Reitz 6, Bosse 0 (Thanksgiving Day game)

Ranked the third biggest game in Reitz Football’s Thanksgiving Day Game history, the Panthers upset previously unbeaten Bosse, 6-0, in front of 12,000 fans to temporarily win a share of the city championship. Of interest, the Panthers would lose a subsequent postseason rematch with the Bulldogs that gave the Eastsiders sole possession of the Pocket City crown.

1936: Bosse 26, Reitz 7 (SIAC game on Thanksgiving Day)

1953*: Reitz 27, Central 0 (SIAC game on Thanksgiving Day)

Also one of the Top 5 biggest Thanksgiving Day Games in Reitz Football history, at No. 2 was the Panthers’ 1953 win over the Bears. Don Siscel, who had six carries for 40 yards, led Reitz with two touchdowns. Fred Russel also had 7 carries for 115 yards and a touchdown for the Panthers.

1959: Reitz 32, Bosse 6 (SIAC A Division game on Thanksgiving Day)

“Some 2000 hardy football zealots bade farewell to Thanksgiving Day football in the cold and murky clutches of Reitz Bowl Thursday afternoon, and in the traditional fashion, Reitz smashed Bosse’s Bulldogs in the final game of the Indiana football season, 32-6.”

– Evansville Press, Nov. 27, 1959

* – denotes state championship season

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This Day in #ReitzFootball History (Nov. 25): 13,000 witness Panthers shutout Memorial, assert 1948 state crown proudly presents “This Day in #ReitzFootball History,” as we look back through almost 100 years of The Mighty Panthers.

On November 25:

  • Overall: 3-1-1 (5 games)
  • At Reitz Bowl (1937, 1943, 1948, 1954): 3-1
  • Away (1926): 0-0-1
  • Reitz has never played a Friday or Saturday game on Nov. 25

Note: every game in Reitz Football history played on Nov. 25 has been on a Thursday and on Thanksgiving

1926: Reitz 7, Boonville 7 (Tiny Ten Conference game)

1937: Bosse 7, Reitz 6 (SIAC game)

1943: Reitz 26, Bosse 0 (SIAC game)

1948*: Reitz 14, Memorial 0 (SIAC Large Division game)

Reitz’s all-triumphant Panthers completed their climb to the 1948 mythical state championship yesterday afternoon, shaking off a dogged and determined Memorial Tiger eleven, 14 to 0, at the hilltop bowl.

An overflow crowd of 13,000 fans jammed the big Reitz Stadium under sunny skies to see the powerful Panthers strike for touchdowns in the first and fourth periods to mark up their tenth consecutive triumph of the season and their 17th straight victory over a two-year period.

The result also brought the Hilltoppers their second straight Southern Indiana Athletic Conference championship, their fifth undisputed city crown and wider recognition as the peer of all Indiana high school football teams this season.

– Evansville Press, Nov. 26, 1948


1954: Reitz 47, Memorial 0 (SIAC game)

* – denotes state championship season


This Day in #ReitzFootball History (Nov. 24): It was the best of times (2007 state title win), it was the worst of times (104-0 1921 loss)


The 1922 Panthers were the first team coached by William Slyker proudly presents “This Day in #ReitzFootball History,” as we look back through almost 100 years of The Mighty Panthers.

On November 24:

  • Overall: 3-2 (5 games)
  • At Reitz Bowl (1922, 1928): 1-1
  • Away (1921, 1927, 2007): 2-1
  • On Thursday (1921, 1927): 1-1
  • On Friday (1922): 0-1
  • On Saturday (1928, 2007): 2-0

1921: Central 104, Reitz 0 (Thanksgiving Day)

In the first game ever played between the schools, Central gave Reitz one of its worst defeats in school history as future Reitz Hall of Fame coach Herman Byers gave the Bears three touchdowns.

1922: Central 46, Reitz 0

1927: Reitz 39, Boonville 2 (Tiny Ten Conference game on Thanksgiving Day)

1928: Reitz 38, Providence (Ky.) 0

2007*: Reitz 33, Lowell 14 (Class 4A State Championship game)

The Panthers won their first state championship in 36 years, completing an undefeated season. Senior quarterback Paul McIntosh, who had 24 carries for 161 yards and three touchdown runs, also had two touchdown passes and completed 11-of-21 in the Panthers 33-14 victory over the Red Devils.

* – denotes state championship season


Eleven Panthers named All-SIAC

Reitz Panthers named to the 2015 All-SIAC football team: 

  • Brock Ashworth (defensive lineman)
  • Logan Boehm (offensive lineman – second team)
  • Will Brown (defensive back)
  • Larry Buchanan (defensive lineman – second team)
  • Tristen Clark (wide receiver)
  • Evan Deig (quarterback – second team)
  • Elijah Dunham (defensive back)
  • Aaron Euler (linebacker)
  • Isaac Flowers (defensive back – second team)
  • Cole Jarvis (offensive lineman)
  • Kerrion Ringo (running back)

This Day in #ReitzFootball History (Nov. 23): Panthers upset Central to win 1923 city title


The 1923 Panthers were the school’s first championship team proudly presents “This Day in #ReitzFootball History,” as we look back through almost 100 years of The Mighty Panthers.

On November 23:

  • Overall: 1-0 (1 game)
  • No games played at Reitz Bowl
  • At Bosse Field (1923): 1-0
  • On Friday (1923): 1-0
  • No games played on Saturday

1923: Reitz 7, Central 3 (Tiny Ten Conference game)

In the only game Reitz ever played on Nov. 23, the young Panthers, in their fifth season of the sport, beat Central for the first time.

All the scoring came in the second quarter. Reitz struck first when Turnham recovered a Bear fumble in the end zone, with Alexander booting the extra point. Central’s McIntosh (the article did not list first names) nailed a 15-yard field goal as the first half expired.

“Entering the game with Central high at Bosse field yesterday afternoon as the “underdogs”, and considered without a chance to win, the Reitz high gridiron warriors covered themselves with mud and glory, and outfought the Brown and Gold warriors completely, winning the city championship 7 to 3, in one of the hardest fought games seen here for a long time.

Central tried desperately in the second half, after they had been battled off their feet in the first two periods, to come back and score a touchdown that would win, but the Purple and Gold [Reitz’ school colors in the early days] fought just as desperately.”

In the fourth quarter, McIntosh was stopped by the Panthers five yards shy of the end zone as time expired.

“When the game ended Central had the ball on Reitz’s five-yard line. Reitz fans stood astounded when the final whistle blew. They seemed for a moment unable to realize that their team had won. Suddenly a great shout arose as the truth dawned on the hundreds of fans. The score board registered three minutes to play, and they were unaware that the game was over. Nearly 1,500 Reitz students and fans formed an immense parade on Main street last night, headed by the high school band, and snake danced their way down Main street, tieing [sic] up traffic for several blocks. A big bonfire that was visible all over the city, was started on Forest Hills in celebration for the great victory.”

– Evansville Courier & Press, Nov. 24, 1923

This Day in #ReitzFootball History (Nov. 22): Coleman wins city scoring title en route to 1956 state championship proudly presents “This Day in #ReitzFootball History,” as we look back through almost 100 years of The Mighty Panthers.

On November 22:

  • Overall: 5-1-1 (7 games)
  • At Reitz Bowl (1945, 1946, 1951, 1952): 2-1-1
  • Away (1956, 1958): 2-0
  • At unknown location (1919): 1-0
  • On Thursday (1945, 1951, 1956): 2-1
  • On Friday (1946): 0-0-1
  • On Saturday (1919, 1952, 1958): 3-0

1919: Reitz 14, Ricadonia Independents 13

1945: Reitz 37, Bosse 0 (SIAC game on Thanksgiving)

1946: Reitz 0, Memorial 0 tie

1951: Central 20, Reitz 6 (SIAC game on Thanksgiving)

1952: Reitz 47, Central 7 (SIAC game)

1956*: Reitz 39, Memorial 0 (SIAC game on Thanksgiving)

Reitz’ undefeated Panthers won the SIAC title and claimed the mythical state crown yesterday afternoon by beating Memorial, 39-0, in a cold Thanksgiving Day battle at Enlow Field.

Almost 3,000 fans braved the freezing weather to see “one of the best teams in Reitz history” close out the 1956 Evansville football season. The Panthers, called by Coach Herman Byers as “the best team in the state,” tied Bosse for the city title with a 3-0-1 record.

[Bill] Coleman scored one touchdown yesterday to win the city scoring title with 106 points … but it was little Donnie Pfohl, 130-pound senior halfback, who led Reitz with two touchdowns.”

– Evansville Courier & Press, Nov. 23, 1956

While Richmond was voted state champ by the International News Service and United Press, the Panthers shared the honors by virtue of the No. 1 finish in the Litkenhous Prep Grid Ratings.

1958: Reitz 20, Bosse 0 (SIAC game)

* – denotes state championship season

This Day in #ReitzFootball History (Nov. 21): Panthers battle Central to scoreless Thanksgiving Day 1940 tie proudly presents “This Day in #ReitzFootball History,” as we look back through almost 100 years of The Mighty Panthers.

On November 21:

  • Overall: 1-2-1 (4 games)
  • At Reitz Bowl (1924, 1925, 1940, 1992): 1-2-1
  • The Panthers have never played away on this date
  • On Thursday (1940): 0-0-1
  • On Friday (1924): 0-1
  • On Saturday (1925, 1992): 1-1

1924: Central 20, Reitz 7 (Tiny Ten Conference game)

1925: Reitz 10, Memorial 0 (Tiny Ten Conference game)

1940*: Reitz 0, Central 0 (SIAC game on Thanksgiving)

“Mud be-spattered and leg and arm weary, the 1940 football teams from Central and Reitz High Schools proved themselves anything but mud-runners as they battled to a scoreless tie in the Reitz Bowl Thursday afternoon.

At the start of the game the Thanksgiving Day crowd was estimated at 8500…at the finish there were some 4000 rain-drenched fans in the chilly stands. And the boys who played didn’t have a very pleasant afternoon either.”

– Evansville Press, Nov. 22, 1940

1992: Harrison (West Lafayette) 30, Reitz 8 (Class 4A Semi-State Championship)

* – denotes state championship season

This Day in #ReitzFootball History (Nov. 20): Panthers surprise all but themselves, dominate 2009 Cathedral proudly presents “This Day in #ReitzFootball History,” as we look back through almost 100 years of The Mighty Panthers.

On November 20:

  • Overall: 2-2 (4 games)
  • At Reitz Bowl (1926, 2009): 1-1
  • Away (1941, 2010): 1-1
  • On Thursday (1941): 1-0
  • On Friday (2009): 1-0
  • On Saturday (1926, 2010)

1926: Central 41, Reitz 0 (Tiny Ten Conference game)

“A brown bear skin rug, tinged with a little gold, while an exceedingly desirable possession, is not readily obtained when the Bear is full grown and in a belligerent mood. The Hilltoppers learned this yesterday afternoon at the Reitz bowl. They trotted down into the bowl, it is thought with intentions of skinning the Central Bear alive, so to speak. But their aspirations soon went skyward after 60 minutes of combat, they jogged their way back to the Hilltop stripped of about everything save honor.”

– Evansville Journal, Nov. 21, 1926

1941: Reitz 6, Central 0 (SIAC game on Thanksgiving)

“A frustrated Reitz football club staged a comeback Thursday before 9000 fans at Bosse Field in the annual Thanksgiving Day football jamboree and defeated a favored Central team, 6 to 0, on an 89-yard sprint by Halfback Harold Cox which came in the second quarter of the ball game, played on a muddy field.

The victory, first for Reitz in city play, gave Bosse’s Bulldogs a share of the city as well as the SIAC crown along with their football brethren from Central.”

– Evansville Press, Nov. 21 1941

2009*: Reitz 31, Indianapolis Cathedral 10 (Class 4A Semi-State Championship game)

The rumor was that Cathedral wanted to play Reitz on Friday instead of Saturday so they’d have an extra day to prepare for the state championship. Rumor or not, the Fighting Irish were in for a wake-up call when they entered the Bowl that fateful fall Friday evening to see the Reitz Nation at 12,000 strong. The Panthers could do no wrong and won the semi-state title en route to their eleventh state championship.

Cuda Dimmett, the Defensive Player of the Game, set the tone with an interception on Cathedral’s first possession. “We believed,” Dimmett said in the next day’s Courier & Press. Cathedral was nationally ranked and expected to win easily by the Indianapolis media. “You can’t believe what you read in the newspaper.”

Morgan Jones, the Offensive Player of the Game, caught two touchdown passes.

Incidentally, this was Cathedral’s last postseason loss until this year.

2010: Indianapolis Cathedral 56, Reitz 28 (Class 4A Semi-State Championship game)

This time in Indianapolis, the Fighting Irish gained revenge for the prior year’s defeat.

* – denotes state championship season


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